APPsauze, an iOS development company, is the brain child of two artists, Anthony Thompson Shumate and Robert Ziebell. Bringing an artist’s aesthetic to concepts, problem solving and design, APPsauze is working on applications ranging from votive candles to drawing programs to independent film distribution software on the iPad / iPhone and iPod Touch.

Co-Founders, Robert Ziebell & Anthony Thompson Shumate

Anthony Thompson Shumate is a multimedia artist and designer with over 15 years experience in advertising and design . Robert Ziebell is a lens-based artist. His photographic work has been featured in national magazines, and his films have been featured in various festivals.

The display revolution initiated by Apple’s iPhone / iPod Touch, and now the iPad, is bringing to the forefront a “virtual gallery” where artists can bypass the the more traditional galleries and distributors that have in the past controlled the amount and type of work that has been displayed. appsauze, as the name suggests, will blend these new concepts together to form a delicious sweet purée.