Las Pozas: Steps & Falls

Enter the surrealist fantasy of the larger-than-life garden LAS POZAS.

You are in control of a panoramic virtual tour that brings the dream-like vision of EDWARD JAMES and his collaborator PLUTARCO GASTELUM to your iPad. James & Gastelum spent over thirty years in a remote rainforest deep in the Sierra Madre Mountains of Mexico building fanciful structures, stairways and waterfalls and called it LAS POZAS.

LAS POZAS: STEPS & FALLS app immerses you in the topsy-turvy world of this eighty-acre garden as you encounter large sculptural edifices and stumble upon the cascades and waterfalls that flow through the site.

Embedded in the panoramic tours are experiential video clips, photos, and text giving you insight into the history and details of the garden as well as the history of Surrealism. You will lose all sense of perspective, time, and space as you explore the numerous jungle trails and passageways only to discover that you are right back where you started.

There is no other app like this!

Keep your eye out for the Treasure Hunt with a chance to win prizes!

Full resolution version (without contest and maps) available for the iPhone for 99 cents.

Free modified version available for iPhone with ads.

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is a fun and addictive social drawing/photo/collage game on iOS.

Based on our Exquisite Corpse for the iPad drawing game, RAW DRAW (for the iPad &  the iPhone) is a collage and drawing journey into chance encounters with surprising juxtapositions.  As a player you create a composition on a drawing panel and then pass it to another person who has the game installed on their device ANY WHERE IN THE WORLD without them knowing what you have created on your panel.  Play with two to five panels! Play with friends, or take a chance and play with a random player, or both.

No drawing skill needed. Import photos from your iPod/iPhone camera or your photo library, embellish with the set of brushes if you want, and share your panel with the next player. Once the final panel and player are completed, the game will automatically stitch the panels together and reveal your “corpse” to all who were invited to play that game.  You can save the “corpses” to your device or post them to Facebook.

The original Exquisite Corpse game suggests that the completed image is that of a body, or a “corpse”, as the head, torso and legs have all been imagined and executed by different creators.

But why stop at human figures?

Play Exquisite Corpse using anything as a starting point and let the chips fall where they may.

Most importantly have fun and be creative!

We can’t wait to see what you have done!

App Store – RAW DRAW – iTunes – Apple

One APP, both devices. Purchase the app one time, and install it on your iPhone and iPad to play when you are connected.


iVotive, The Series

A little luck, a dash of enchantment and a flicker of hope help your wishes come true with iVotiveCandle. Just type your desire in the form, light the candle and sit back and relax as your prayers are answered. And for a little extra luck and to assure your wishes are heard in the cosmos, send your desire into cyberspace (in confidence of course).

We dwell in the midst of infinite abundance. We now open our minds to receive the good. Nothing is too good to be true. Nothing is too wonderful not to happen. Blessings come in expected and unexpected ways. We are grateful. And so it is (along with a good dose of faith).

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