Welcome to the surrealist parlor game, Exquisite Corpse, now on the iPad. Exquisite Corpse is a drawing journey into chance encounters with surprising juxtapositions. You as an artist participant in creating a composition on the drawing panel, and then pass it to another person without them knowing what exactly you have created. Play from two to up to five panels! No drawing skill needed!

History dictates that the ending composition is that of a body, or a “corpse” as the head, torso, legs and perhaps feet have all been imagined and executed by different creators. The final combination is a stitched together figure, one drawing panel bearing no relation to the the neighboring panels thus revealing a monstrous being.

But why stop at human figures?

Play Exquisite Corpse using anything as a starting object and let the chips fall where they may! Design new planes to fly in the sky, submarines to search the seas, or free forms to make up a new landscape.

“Le cadavre exquis boira le vin nouveau.” (“The exquisite corpse will drink the new wine.”) -André Breton


Read more about the X-Corpse project, log on to www.x-corpse.com.